All dogs love to play with toys and have favorite beds and feeding stations. However, smaller dogs often can’t use some of the all-time dog favorites, due to their size. If you are currently searching for small dog products they will love. you will be thrilled to know we have discovered a few options that you will love.

7 Small Dog Products You Will Love

1 Petite Size Feeding Station

Most dog feeding stations are massive, which is why so many small dog owners choose to place small bowls on the floor at feeding time. Well, this Petite Size Feeding Station will make feeding time fun, and stylish, for your small dog. The best part is this feeding station is designed to catch any dropped dog food, so it doesn’t end up on the floor. 

2 Fluffy Donut Beds

Small dogs can get lost in regular dog beds or become easily overwhelmed and won’t use them due to their size. A fluffy donut bed is a perfect option for smaller dogs because it is only two feet wide and two feet long. This bed will seem super small to you, but it will look perfect for your small dog!


3 Bite Sized Greenies Treats

Many dog treats are created with larger dogs in mind, which can be problematic since smaller dogs can’t fit those treats in their mouths. Thankfully, Greenies created treats especially for smaller dogs. The bite sized pieces will quickly become your small dog’s favorite treat!

4 Kong Rubber Chew Toy

You can never go wrong when you purchase a Kong toy for your small dog. We love the bouncy Kong Rubber Chew Toys, because they can be filled with treats or dog food to keep your furry friend busy for hours. Plus, since this toy bounces, your dog will get a little extra exercise and mental stimulation too. 

5 Small Grooming Brush

Make fur brushing fun again for your small dog by using a grooming brush designed for them. You won’t have a squirming dog anymore when you use this grooming brush. It will easily remove tangles and dander without causing any pain. 


6 Chewy Vuitton Plush Toy

You aren’t the only one who can have luxury items in your home. Your small dog also deserves a little luxury, and you can give it to them with the Chewy Vuitton Plush Toy. This plush toy looks like a purse, and it fits perfectly in a small dog’s mouth!

7 Friends Central Perk Squeaker Toy

You aren’t the only one going crazy about the most recent Friends reunion. Let your dog join in on the fun with their very own Central Perk Squeaker Toy. The handle of the mug is a little rope, so your small dog can easily carry their coffee cup around with them. 

These are seven small dog products we know your small dog will love. If you have been searching for options for your small dog, and constantly coming up short, give these a try. We know you will be thrilled to finally find a few things that are perfectly sized for your furry friend. 

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