Are you always looking for a way to feed your dog foods they will devour without resorting to dried dog food? We understand it is so easy to open a bag of food, or even a can of food, for your dog. But think about how easy it would be if you could actually make one meal that you could both eat together! We have discovered so many dinner ideas that both your dog and you will love to eat. Your dog can sit by the table with their bowl on the floor, while you sit in your chair savoring every last bite. The best part is clean up will be a breeze, because you only needed to make one meal! 

Before we get into the dinner ideas we discovered, we want to share with you how each meal should average out. Every meal you make for your dog should include 50% cooked protein, 25% cooked produce, and 25% cooked complex carbs. 

We understand this might sound a little overwhelming, but it is easier than you think. And remember, you will be rewarded in more ways than one when you choose to cook one meal for the both of you! 

Healthy Dinner Ideas Your Dog Can Eat with You

1 Spinach Omelets

There is nothing wrong with having breakfast for dinner on occasion. If you choose to eat breakfast one night, you will be thrilled to know your dog can sit down and eat the same meal with you when you make a spinach omelet. One egg or a couple egg whites are all you will need to go with the spinach. The best part about this meal is the spinach is packed with vitamins A and K. Those vitamins assist with metabolism, while keeping your dog’s fur shiny. Of course, spinach contains a lot of fiber, which can help keep your dog regular. 

2 Boiled Chicken with Brown Rice

You may want to add a few vegetables to your portion of boiled chicken and brown rice, although you can add a few for your furry friend too. Boiling up chicken is super easy, as is preparing brown rice. You can easily make a few nights’ worth at once and simply heat it up each night. While you might not want to eat this meal multiple nights in a row, your dog won’t mind at all! 

3 Ground Beef with Spinach

Okay, so we already went over how healthy spinach is for dogs. But did you know that ground beef is good for them too? As long as you don’t season the ground beef before cooking it, your dog can eat it for dinner with you. Ground beef is filled with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. You may be tempted to serve your dog grilled hamburger or steak, but those types of cooked foods are not what your dog should be eating. You will want to stick to ground beef that has been cooked completely through in a pan on the stove. 


4 Salmon and Green Beans

Salmon is filled with omega-3s and fish oils, which is why it is an excellent option for both you and your dog at dinnertime. Your dog will only need between one and two ounces of salmon for dinner. Make sure the salmon is well done and serve it with a hefty portion of cooked green beans. 

5 Steak and Sweet Potatoes

You may be wondering how your dog can eat steak since we stated no grilled meat. Well, it is simple to place steak in the oven to bake. Just make sure the steak is a lean cut and that you remove all the fat before you cook it. The amino acids in the steak will help build muscle, while the B vitamins will stimulate your dog’s metabolism. When you mash up a cooked sweet potato to go with the steak, you are adding fiber, beta carotene, and vitamin C to this meal. 

6 Pasta with Carrots and Peas

No dog can resist eating cooked carrots and peas, especially when they are mixed with cooked pasta! Simply boil the pasta like you normally would. If you usually add olive oil or something else to your pasta, portion out some for your dog first. We recommend using frozen carrots and peas, because they have more nutritional value, and they don’t get as mushy when you cook them. Toss everything together for your dog, place it in their bowl, and put your serving on a plate.


7 Goulash

There are so many stew options to choose from when you want a dinner both you and your dog can eat. One of the favorites is goulash. This dish can be made many different ways. However, we prefer mixing together ground beef, cooked brown rice, and cooked spinach, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Add water to everything and let simmer for two hours until ready to eat. 

8 Fruit Salad

You know those nights when you don’t really want to eat a lot? Well, you and your dog can both indulge in a little fruit salad for dinner! We recommend cutting up melons and adding berries to your fruit salad. If you are looking for some protein, you can top your fruit salad with cottage cheese. The one fruit you will never want to put in this salad is grapes, because they can be toxic for dogs. 

No matter what you have for dinner with your dog, you will both want to eat a little dessert every once in a while. Peanut butter oatmeal cookies are one of the best options. The oatmeal contains a lot of soluble fiber, while the peanut butter has many different vitamins. All you need to do is mix raw rolled oats with peanut butter and bake them in the oven for a treat you and your furry friend will love! 

These are the best healthy dinner ideas your dog can eat with you, as well as a favorite dessert option. Are you ready to plan one meal for both you and your dog? We know we are! So, prepare your meals carefully from now on and see how much better dinnertime is when you and your dog are eating the same things. 


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