There are several ways you can enrich your dog’s life. Dog enrichment includes both physical activities and mental activities. Physical activities include dog walks, trips to the dog park, and playing fetch in the yard or at the park. Mental activities include tricks, obedience training, hide-and-seek, food puzzles, and other games you can play with your dog at home. Dogs are smart creatures who love to learn new things, so they’ll enjoy many of these ideas that keep them active and engaged mentally as well as physically. Here are five dog enrichment ideas that you can try today!

1) Clean the dog’s teeth daily

Dog Enrichment

The mouth can be a haven for bacteria and viruses, so it’s important to make sure your dog’s teeth are clean. If you don’t already brush your dog’s teeth, start doing so immediately. Brushing daily is ideal, but if that isn’t possible (or your pooch doesn’t like it), try brushing two or three times a week. If you do choose to use toothpaste on your dog’s teeth, avoid using flavored varieties. Dogs love treats because they taste good—flavored toothpaste could lead to an unhealthy love of treats! Instead of toothpaste, opt for water additives or artificial sweeteners as a way to stimulate fresh breath in dogs without risking overconsumption.

2) Give your dog puzzle toys

Puzzle toys are one of my favorite dog enrichment ideas. Dogs have a natural desire to problem-solve, and giving them toys that test their ability to work for a reward is an excellent way to satisfy that urge. It’s also another way to help reduce boredom and can greatly decrease destructive behavior. The only challenge with puzzle toys is that you need to plan ahead: these aren’t last-minute treats you can toss your dog’s way when he or she gets bored. If you plan on using puzzles as dog enrichment, make sure you have some on hand so they’re ready whenever your pet needs a new mental challenge.

3) Feed treats

Dog Enrichment

Just like humans, dogs are a lot happier when they’re being rewarded for good behavior. Give your dog a treat every time you see him or her do something that might be considered good, like sitting down and staying in one place or not chewing on furniture. Treats help keep your dog happy and engaged in training; otherwise, she may lose interest and decide to chew up your shoes instead of listening to what you want her to do. Keep treats handy at all times; it’s always nice to have a few around so you can immediately reward your pup for something she does well.

4) Take your dog for a walk every day

Dog Enrichment

One of the most basic ways to dog enrichment is to give him a daily walk. Dogs are social creatures, and walking with their owner gives your pup both physical and mental stimulation. The time you spend away from home may also provide your dog with opportunities for play and interaction with other dogs or people (such as at a dog park). In short, taking a daily walk can be a great way to exercise, burn off energy, and improve your relationship with your pet all at once.

5) Go hiking with your dog

Take your dog hiking and give him a chance to get out of his everyday environment. You may be surprised at how much your dog enjoys hiking! It also gets him active, which is beneficial for both his physical and mental health. While you won’t have many opportunities to take long hikes with your pup when it’s cold outside. There are other ways to stay active together year-round. Dogs can easily become bored, especially if they’re left at home alone all day without a lot of stimuli. Thankfully, there are tons of fun activities you can do with your pet all year round that will keep them stimulated mentally and physically—and might even help reduce any separation anxiety issues they may have! Go swimming: Many dogs enjoy playing in the water.


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