You love your dog and you want the best food to feed your dog you can afford but with so many dog food brands around how can you make the right choice? If you base your decision on TV ads then every brand might seem the best but documentaries already showed that this is far from being the case. So the next time you’re at the supermarket use these tips for buying the best food to feed your dog.

best food to feed Your dog

Understand ingredients

Some dog food brands will promise their products are free of all kinds of unhealthy ingredients such as artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorings but actually the ingredients of dog food are far more diverse. Some of the ingredients are to make the food taste nice and even safer for your dog’s health and others are there to help improve the performance of the dog. Don’t just assume that every single food you buy is free of the three ingredients that are most often associated with “excellent dog food”. Are the ingredients natural? Most dog food brands will say that they are free of artificial ingredients but really, that doesn’t mean much.

Understand dog food brands

Most dog owners will have already heard of some of the leading brands that are available in the US. Brands such as Blue Buffalo or Black Dog Dog Food are very popular. In fact, Black Dog Food is a well-known product in the US. But there are other brands that may not have made the headlines but offer very high-quality food. For example, there are brands that offer natural food or brands like Bark Box that are like Hello fresh for dogs. Find out the marketing claims You may be able to pick a dog food brand that you have heard of. For instance, you may have heard of Black Dog Food. You may think the advertising claims for this brand sound very good. So it may seem like the most logical choice to you. However, some dog foods have different marketing claims than others.

Best Food To Feed Your Dog

Understand dog food reformulations

Dogs who are eating special dog food from a good source will never start vomiting and have loose stool. Dog food manufacturers know this and have been working hard to reformulate their products in order to give the same effect. You can also check out our list of the best food to feed Your dog for a better idea of what might work for your dog. Read the labels At the end of the day it all comes down to the ingredients.

The whole purpose of having a label on dog food is that you understand what is in it. The label is there for a reason. Some dog food brands use soy as the main ingredient of their products. This is fine if you have a dog who cannot digest soy but your dog might be allergic to this type of food. If this is the case, you might need to do some more research before you make a purchase.

Understand the artificial ingredients in dog food

Most people don’t realize that dog food can contain artificial ingredients. All these dog foods are manufactured to provide your dog with all the nutrients that he or it needs. And they also give your dog the right level of calories for the growth and development of the muscles and organs of the canine. These artificial ingredients are usually used as a source of protein and iron which also helps to maintain the animal’s blood glucose level. While they do provide some protein and iron, there is not enough dog food with those nutrients. On the other hand, dog food for dogs with allergies contain natural ingredients to help ease the symptoms of these allergies. Besides, only the fresh or frozen variety of dog food is suitable for your pet.

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