Your dog is your best friend, but they can get expensive if you are not careful. After all, you see all sorts of neat gadgets and toys to buy for them all the time. Spoiling our pets can be fun, but there are times when we can go a little overboard. This is why many people want to know if the memory foam dog beds are worth the money.

There is always going to be a little part of you that wants the best for your dog. But what if that means spending money you shouldn’t, simply because you think a product is worth it when it is not. We will dive in and see if these memory foam dog beds are worth the splurge.

Memory Foam Dog Beds – Are They Worth the Money?


Memory foam dog beds are made using pressure relieving memory foam, as well as a dense foam base. The cover is normally a tightly woven fabric. These materials are better than the other dog beds stuffed with cheap filling. Those beds get lumpy really quickly. And it usually isn’t long before the seams start to rip, and the filling falls out.

dog memory foam bed

While you can wash those cheap-fill beds, problems even occur in the wash. The filling inside doesn’t dry well and even more, lumps form. No dog is going to want to sleep on a lumpy dog bed! Of course, regular dog beds don’t fit well in the washing machine either. You may find your washing machine jostling around and stopping from being off-kilter every time you try to wash your dog’s regularly filled bed.

Memory foam is designed to withstand the different positions a dog lays in, plus their pawing ways. The best part is you can take the cover off most memory foam beds to wash it. That means only the cover goes into the wash instead of the entire bed. It is much easier to wash a cover once a week or two than the whole bed. You can easily throw the cover in with other laundry and not have to worry that anything will end up ruined.

The only downside to not being able to clean the memory foam part of the bed is if your dog happens to have an accident. The memory foam is not waterproof, so anything spilled on it will soak on through. The memory foam will deteriorate if it gets wet and yet, it is next to impossible to get the moisture out once it gets past the cover.

Most regular dog beds only last a year, but the memory foam dog beds will last much longer. So, if you already are replacing your dog bed once a year or so, you can easily splurge on a memory foam dog bed and honestly not pay any extra money over time.

Plus, your dog will love the memory foam bed so much that they may stay off the couch or your bed instead of taking up room meant for you.

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