Dogs are quite loyal to their owners, so it doesn’t really take much to keep them happy. However, you should always take time out of your day and get some dog toys to make sure your dog gets some playtime and exercise. When your dog moves around, they get the exercise they need to keep its body healthy. Plus, all that activity will wear them out, so they get a good night’s sleep. Or at least a little nap. The best part is a dog will always be happy when you are spending time with them.

Dog Toys That Will Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy


Kong Classic

The Kong Classic is a chew toy that your dog will love, especially if you take the time to fill it with treats first. Dog owners love how their dogs can chew on this toy without little pieces breaking off. Dog toys that last are always a plus in our book!


Teething Rings Chew Toy

Puppies love to chew, so if you are a new dog owner, the Teething Rings Chew Toy is going to be the perfect dog toy to purchase. Your puppy can chew these teething rings instead of anything else in your home. The rings are full of bumps that will soothe your puppy’s sore gums, offering lots of relief.


Ultra-Durable Chew Toy

The Ultra-Durable Chew Toy by Monster K9 Dog Toys is going to be the best dog toy you purchase this year. This dog toy happens to have a lifetime guarantee, so if your dog does manage to destroy it, you can get another one. This chew ring is puncture resistant, so it will provide hours of chewing fun.

dog chew bone

Kong Cozies Dog Squeak Toy

This is one of the many plush dog toys available for purchase, but this one has a squeaker inside for a little extra fun and entertainment. All the Kong Cozies have an extra layer of material, so your dog won’t tear it apart as quickly as other brands.


Durable Play Ball

Dogs love to run around and play fetch, so give your dog the best ball for the job! A Durable Ball will withstand hours of fetch, while also giving your dog a challenge. Since this ball is not round, your dog will never know which way it will bounce. This means your dog will need to think more, as they are running around.

dog ball

Flossy Rope

Tug of war with dogs is a lot of fun, but with the Flossy Rope, you can clean your dog’s teeth as you play. A little dental hygiene is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. This rope is available in two sizes, so you can purchase the one that is perfect for your dog’s mouth.

These are six of the dog toys that will make your dog happy and healthy. There are many others, so you can always add more to your dog’s toy pile over time. But start with these and see how much healthier and happier your dog is, as they spend even more time with you.

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