Walking your dog may seem like fun some of the time. But it can also feel like a chore, especially when it is raining, snowing, and either extremely hot or cold. While you may be tempted to skip your daily walk on occasion, you must remember that your dog counts on these walks as exercise. On those days, you must remember a few of our basic tips when it comes to making dog walking fun for everyone!

8 Tips to Make Dog Walking Fun for Everyone Involved

1 Let Your Dog Lead the Way

You may have your regular route you love to take when you walk your dog. But to add to the excitement on occasion, you may want to let your dog lead the way. This might lead you on a new adventure. At the very least, you will learn what your dog finds fascinating. 

2 Set a Goal

Your dog might not have any idea how far you are walking, but you do. If you want to add an element of fun to your walks, you may want to set a goal to reach a specific number of steps by the end of the day or week. 

3 Add a Little Training

A training session here and there can break up the monotony of walking along the same path. Doing these training sessions will show you how easily your dog can be distracted, which may mean more training sessions are needed on future walks. 

dog training

4 Switch Your Pacing

If you walk the entire time, you may want to switch things up by running for a minute or two and then walking for a few minutes. This will add a little variety to your walks and give your dog something different to experience. 

5 Bring a Friend

There is nothing wrong with bringing a friend along when you take your dog for a walk. Both of you will enjoy the different conversations, as well as the things your friend points out that you may have missed along the way. 

6 Find a Local Park

If you always walk near your home, switch things up a little by venturing over to your local park. You and your dog will be thrilled with the new sights, sounds, and even aromas. Plus, you never know what friends you may run into when you are simply taking a walk through the park! 

dog park

7 Add Sniff Breaks to Your Walk

You may not be thrilled that your dog is stopping every couple feet to sniff the ground, but your dog will be! Plus, you may get intrigued by your dogs’ antics when they are sniffing the ground. 

8 Stop Using Your Cell Phone

You can really get distracted when you use your cell phone while walking your dog. This time is supposed to be a bonding moment between the two of you and that won’t happen if you have your head buried in a screen. So, put your cell phone in your pocket and start paying attention to your dog a little more. 

These are our eight tips for making dog walking fun for everyone involved! If you haven’t tried any of these yet, add one to your next walk and see how much of a difference it makes. 


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