As much as you love your dog, there are times when you need them to keep busy, so you can get a few unique dog products. After all, you can’t do dishes, clean the bathroom, or paint a wall with your dog in the way. Instead of sending your dog into another room to be bored, we recommend giving them an awesome and unique dog toy to keep them entertained for hours. They won’t have time to miss you and you will get your work done faster than you thought.

7 Awesome, Unique Dog Products that Will Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours


1. iDig

iDig is a fabulous toy created and manufactured by iFetch. If your dog loves to scratch and dig, they need this toy. You can fill the inside of the flaps with toys and treats for them to scratch and discover.


2. Treat Ring

The Treat Ring by Starmark is perfect for getting your dog to think a little more. You can place treats on the interlocked rings for your dog to try to take off.


3. Puzzle Cube

There are plenty of puzzle cubes out there for dogs. These unique dog products are perfect for keeping dogs entertained for hours. You can place tennis balls inside the cube and your dog can figure out how to get them out.


4. iFetch Frenzy

Another iFetch dog toy is the iFetch Frenzy. Once you train your dog to drop the ball into the top of this toy, they can play for hours. Once the ball is inside, it will automatically come rolling out of one of the holes at the bottom.


5. Flip Board

The Flip Board is by Trixie and it is a huge puzzle for your dog. Your dog will spend lots of time sliding the disks, flipping the lids, and even knocking over cones to see if there are treats inside waiting for them.


6. Nylabone DuraChew

No dog bone is ever the same, which is why you must choose those treats carefully. This chew toy is shaped like a bone, but it has many different textures for your dog to discover. This bone is available in multiple sizes, so you can purchase the one that is perfect for your dog.

dog chew bone - Unique Dog Products

7. Suction Cup Rope Tugging Toy

The Suction Cup Rope Tugging Toy is made by Charminer. You can suction this ball to the floor and have your dog tug at the rope until the ball comes free. They can then roll the ball around and continue to get it unstuck every time the suction area sticks once again.


These are seven awesome and unique dog products that will keep your dog entertained for hours. You may not want to have all these options in your home, but we are sure you can find a couple your dog will get a lot of use out of. We recommend purchasing one or two you know your dog will spend hours playing with and then purchasing a couple of others, so you can rotate through the fun!

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